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About NeuroQueer

The term "NeuroQueer" was first coined by Dr. Nick Walker. Her writings have carved out a place and paradigm for neurodiverse LGBTQ+ people to acknowledge our existence,  and dream of a supportive future.


Inspired by these ideas, and by the mentorship, allyship, coaching, and community they were lucky enough to experience in queer community, Dylan Alter founded as a place to build from those ideas. 

Increasingly, we are discovering a strong correlation between neurodivergence and the LGBTQ2S+ Community. is a place where coaches and community members can come together to "Queer Neurodivergence". It is a place for us to explore what LGBTQ+ culturally competent support means. It is a place where we can create it together, rather than in our isolated journeys toward mental health. 


For more information, visit 

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