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Alternative ADHD
Neurodivergent Coaching 

Dylan Alter, JD, AACC, CACP 

In a nutshell: Meaningful Solution Focused Support.

A Distinctive Blend of Executive Function Skill Building, Psychoeducation, Neuroscience, Self-Determination, Empowerment, Implementation Science, Cognitive Behavioral Practice, Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Skills, Self-Efficacy, Social Learning, Custom System & Strategy Development, Wrapped in a Trauma Informed, Intersectional Anti-Capitalist Non-Microfiber Blanket. 

It's Hard Out There for Us Neurodivergents

ADHD & Autism can be frustrating and discouraging.

We work impossibly hard to function, with the wrong instruction manual for life, like fish trying to climb trees. Infinite planners, calendars, trying each new "perfect morning routine", "new cleaning hack", endless apps promising an organized life ignored like one more alarm.

Maybe I'll find the perfect system.  I'd say "wash, rinse, repeat", but let's not bring up laundry. 

 It's exhausting. It's demoralizing. 

Each time we feel a glimmer of hope this one will be "the one" and each time we blame ourselves for when we don't see improvement. 

The isolation of ADHD and Autism, often having only our own experience to compare things to, means we can't always distinguish the wrong tools from the right ones.

We're exceptional at triage, but progress remains elusive. 

ADHD'ers & Autistic Folx are neurologically, and experientially resilient. There's a consistency to the inconsistency, and a brilliant creative insight to crafted structures. Considering the overstimulation, chronic fatigue and other health issues, you probably don't get half the credit you deserve. 

Considering all of the challenges, we have a lot to be proud of. Despite all of our obstacles, given the right support there isn't much we can't do. The Neurodivergent minds have omni-potential, if we can become engaged & are supported we haven't found limits of what we can do. Ableism is a larger impediment than disability. We need an opportunity to learn how our unique brains work.

That is where coaching begins. 

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Alexa Young, CA

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The word "Coach" can bring up unpleasant memories from gym class.

These days, it's also associated with a lot of charismatic content creators selling vague and expensive online courses and zoom calls to help you reach your "maximum potential!!"


The word comes from "Carriage," and the first use of coach defined the job as: "Someone who helps get you where you want to go." 


Coaching is not focused on teaching, or convincing, or training or even inspiring, though those may be useful tools. The power dynamic of coaching is about supporting where you want to go.

Coaching is also more active than a therapist who stays removed and reflects your thoughts back to you.  Many of us neurodivergent folks spend plenty of time reflecting about what we're doing and why. Coaching isn't just discussing theoretical concepts; we dive in together and practice new strategies and actions to make them real. 


We figure out the best way for you to get where you want to go, together. 

What organizations certify and evaluate coaches?

While coaching has surely existed for millennia in all cultures, "Modern Western American" style Coaching (tm?) was founded by Thomas Leonard, who founded the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and the International Association of Coaching (IAC). ADHD Coaching, and Neurodivergent coaching generally, is a very new field requiring unique training to prevent harm.  ADHD Coaching is evaluated by the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches. 

Coaching Ethics: 

Ethics – PAAC (

ICF Code of Ethics - International Coaching Federation

Coaching Masteries® - International Association of Coaching (

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