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Neurodivergent Coaching Competency & Ethics

There are so many different types of coaches. Many coaches offer several different styles of coaching. There isn't one "right" choice. You may need one particular type of coach now, and a different type of coach some other time. This page is here to offer some guideposts to evaluate a coach offering neurodivergent coaching. 

Training & Practice 

  • How much training has the coach done? Are they self-taught or have they been trained by others? (Either could be valid or .... questionable!) 

  • Do they have neurodivergent specific training? (Which neurodivergences?) 

  • If they were trained by a school or program, is that program's certification legitimate or scrawled in crayon on a napkin at whim? 

  • Is the coach clear about the line between coaching and therapy, and the limits of their professional scope?  

Ethical Guidelines

Power, Accessibility & Inclusion

  • Is the coach clear that in coaching, they work for you, not the other way around?

  • Is the coach taking advantage of neurodivergent specific challenges?

    • Using pressured sales techniques, or no refunds, despite the ADHD Tax. 

    • Inflexible rescheduling, which can create additional ableism.

  • Do you feel comfortable directing the coach toward the type of support you want?

  • Does the coach change their behavior to accommodate your needs? 

  • Is the coach welcoming of you as a whole person, with all of your identities? 

Gut Check 

  • When you interview the coach, did you feel comfortable?

  • Could you feel safe & supported telling them when a proposed strategy didn't work?

  • Do you feel like you could ask them for help?

  • Would you want to show up to sessions to work with them?

The connection between a client and coach is one of the most important metrics for client success. 

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