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Testimonials mean the world to me, because the truest measure of a coaching is how it feels to the client. Here are a few that I feel honored to have received. 

Testimonial: It's challenging work!

The very personal, candid, and collaborative nature of your approach, and thus, they way we relate, can feel raw and sometimes risky. It's challenging work! The openness and dignity we both (get to) show up with also feels like a huge relief, and it energizes me. 

Testimonial: Practical and Fun 

I love working with Dylan! I can get either incredibly practical ideas for task difficulties (phone calls: how?), or we can discuss research-backed information on questions like, is this a thing and if so, why? Did anyone know that Neurotypicals often experience questions as challenges? Dylan is always game to tackle whatever needs addressing in the moment: so smart, so informed, so kind, and totally willing to develop several approaches to the same issues because sometimes solutions just wear themselves out and that is normal.  The point is to learn to work with your brain instead of against it, and the evergreen principles of this approach have truly changed how I operate.  This is a coach who understands my day to day struggles and also all of the metaphors, so appointments are genuinely fun, too.  

Testimonial: Getting Results

I’ve worked with Dylan for over six months now. In that time, they’ve helped me find and pursue my passions, make a few major life decisions, and problem solve basic needs. I’m now exercising, cooking for myself, and even flossing — none of which I would have thought was possible for me before working with them. 

They consistently validate my effort and celebrate my victories, however small. I didn’t realize how much I needed that, but as a result, my general motivation is better than it’s ever been before. I spent almost a decade trying to get results like that out of therapy, but working with them did it.

Dylan genuinely cares about their clients. Many times they’ve eagerly offered to fight on my behalf, though I haven’t taken them up on it yet. They’ve been a steady presence when difficult things have come up for me. Sometimes I’ve had difficulty making what are obviously the better choices in those circumstances, but they know how to make my AuDHD PDA self see reason. I consider myself very lucky to have them on my team.

They also care about making the world better for neurodivergent people in general, and they do so regularly, not just through their coaching, but also by educating professionals and fighting inaccessibility where they find it. They have the kind of expertise in ADHD (and Autism) that can only be developed through passion, yet they remain humble and open to hearing about different perspectives and experiences. For every topic that has come up during coaching, they’ve had something valuable to contribute.

Dylan is also just one of my favorite people. I highly recommend meeting them and seeing the impact they can have on your life.

Testimonial: Navigating Graduate Work

"Little realizations like that have come to me much more frequently since we began meeting. I feel like you've gotten me back in the habit of thinking like a productive person. You also opened my eyes to the reality of my neurochemistry. Thinking about a situation in terms of dopamine is not guaranteed to help, but most of the time it does. I need to be having fun much of the day if I have any hope of paying attention and maintaining pressure as I push against the day. In particular, I remember that one meeting we had after my terrible day. You got me talking about a video game I used to play, and something deep inside clicked about motivation. There's also that long message you sent about Interest, Novelty etc. a few months ago - in response to a text message I sent you. It was really helpful information, and it showed me I really can reach out to you whenever, and receive excellent advice as your schedule permits. You've also got me researching autism and ADHD in my idle time!


I think I will remember this as the year I really started picking up momentum. I passed my comprehensive exams! I submitted a manuscript to the Journal of Theoretical Ecology - something I had been trying to do for a year before I hired you. I think it would've gotten done anyway, but much much closer to the last minute. Now I have a new "last minute" deadline for chapter 2 of my thesis, which is actually quite ahead of the real last minute. All in all, it's been amazing having you as a coach. You've known when to push, when to hold back. You've been consistently available, and I've come to consider you one of the first people I should reach out to when things aren't working."

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