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Does this sound familiar? 

"They compute a sum, get the total, and then asks a neighbor "How much does it make?" When they are a defendant in a suit and should go to court, they forget and go to their farm instead. When they go to a play they are the only one left behind in the seats asleep. They take a thing and put it away, but when they look for it they cannot find it. If the death of a friend is announced so they can go to the funeral, with a sorrowful air and tears in their eyes they say "Thank God!" When they collect on a debt, they take a witness with them. In the winter they quarrel that there are no cucumbers. When cooking they salt the pot twice and make it inedible. When it rains and the sky is obscured, they exclaim "How sweet it is to consider the stars!"

This is a description of neurodivergence (likely ADHD) from 350 B.C.E.! It was written by Theophrastus, a student of Aristotle. 

Guides and Resources

"Knowing is half the battle" is a common phrase and to a large extent, it's true. ADHD is widely misunderstood, and education is critical.
But collecting information is not the same as using it.
And that is where the challenge lies with ADHD.
Please enjoy these high-quality resources from world-class, reliable sources. If these are topics you'd like support with implementing, please feel free to schedule a free consultation.    

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